Father's Day

Responsibility Taken

This coming Sunday will be my 1st father's day. I am very excited, not to expect anything special, but because I know I am doing everything I can to be a good father to my daughter.

She is 4 months right now and is growing up very fast might I add to that . . . She doesn't crawl yet, but she can sit up on her own. She seems to prefer trying to walk more than crawl. If she likes it I love it. My dad feels when babies are fast like that, they are getting out the way for the next baby. . . Nahhhh not going to happen on my clock.

Furthermore, I am excited to have this experience, I would also like to wish all the father's out there, who are being true to their role, a blessed Happy Father's Day. It's not easy being a parent now a days so just being able to step up to the role is a plus.

May the Heavenly Father pour out blessings to all and have a great day.

- Stew

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