Quality Barber Service

A Good Ole' Tape

You know . . . Sometimes to enhance they way you look, all you may need is a good crispy line-up. I am referring to guys, just incase any women maybe reading this. Back to the topic, I'm a dude with dreads and at times maintaining them can be a work of art. Time, pain, and style.

But at times I don't have a free moment to get my hair groomed, I go get a lineup. . . Even when I do get my hair done I go get a lineup anyway. Because ain't no better feeling, than being dougie fresh from head to toe.

Getting a tape is more like putting the icing on a cake, it just enhances the fresh. Pep up the swag in other words.

Then moving on to the art of a good quality tape. In my humble opinion I feel that if a barber did not master the art of using a razor to add that precise lined look, then they need to consider making a living in another profession. I mean let's be real who really wants a clippers used only tape, because I know I can't stand it, especially if I'm paying my hard earned money for it as well. So if you cut hair master the razor skill, it separates the real barbers from the pretenders.

With that being said I'm out.

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