Baby Orajel

When Teething Occurs

Well recently my 5 month old daughter, had her first teething "pain" experience, and with it she cried/screamed all night. Then she fell asleep.

Well I spoke to a good friend of mine whose daughter is a couple of months older, and he said that when his daughter went through it the pediatrician advised that they do not give the baby, Baby Orajel. He didn't know exactly what was wrong about it, so I looked it up.

I discovered that the FDA is warning that the ingredient Benzocaine (I think that's what its called) within products like Baby Orajel, has the ability to cause the baby to not get the proper amount of oxygen and actually go blue or greyish in the face.

For me point taken and understood. So to all those looking for a quick fix to the screaming/continuous crying don't just console the baby and handle their pain.

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