Car Renting

Okayyyy, so last weekend I went out of town to Tallahassee, FL., and to do so I needed to rent a car because I was not about to drive my car 7 hours away.

But moving along, I am a "Research It" kind of individual and I want to get a good deal, so, I did what most researching people do, go to google. I was able to find a coupon code which saved me some money on the rental, but the even better discovery was yet to come.

I learned some interesting things about renting a car in the whole process, which are:
- Car renting prices vary, by county, city, even area you plan to pick up from.
- I ended up going with Hertz because they had a better rate than Avis and Enterprise.
- Even when choosing a pickup location that was 4 min away from another (separated by county lines) the rate had almost a 20 dollar overall difference.

So, the next time you plan a trip and want to save a decent dollar then, browse around before you choose. That way you can get the kind of savings you need in this economy especially with gas prices.

Also, I ended up renting a Nissan Rogue 2011. It was a very nice car, my 1st time driving in a SUV type of vehicle and I didn't really like it for high speed traveling but anything else needed for it is a all systems go.

Well that's my review on Car Renting.

Until Next Time

- Cashanova J

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