Getting Greasy

Replacing Brake Shoes

So I was leaving work on lunch break and tried to back up and my car wouldn't move, went forward and the car wouldn't move, repeated the process a few more times and heard a loud "thunk" then I had movement. But, by the time I got home to get my grub on, (I don't stay far away from where I work plus my lunches are lengthy enough) my back tire was smoking with that brake to medal friction smell.

So, I had to let the car sit for a few days and try to figure out what to do. Yes, I googled it and plenty people had the same issue before and had to either do all these procedures to get it fixed. So, being the man I am, I looked to fix my own issue, I asked around to see what can be done. My wife asked her dad's mechanic but he was talking a whole another week away. I ain't have that kinda time. I work. So Friday when I got off work I took the tire off and checked the drum but didn't know how to take it off.

Wheel was still stuck so I looked into replacing the brakes myself. Now let me remind you, I'm no mechanic at all but I did the best I could. After 2 whole days and some help from my wife's dad. I was able to successfully replace my brakes.

I had to remove the drum and all the springs and adjusters and put the new ones on and then put the springs back on and that was HARD. I wasn't able to get the drum off the other wheel so it had to be pryed off. With a large flat head screw driver. After replacing that side, I had to bleed the brakes and now everything is working kosher now.

I feel proud of myself.

Until Next time.

- Cashanova J

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