Prayer Life

Your Connection to the Heavenly Father

Sometimes in our lives, we tend to let the worries of the world entangle us in the world. You may find yourself lost in your thoughts, unsure about where you can find help, or just searching for an answer.

When you have reached that point, you my friend are disconnected from your prayer life. Your daily, dedication to the reason you are, connection with the Heavenly Father. The one who wants nothing more but, to Love you, be the one you depend on, provide you with the necessities of your life. Its may seem impossible, but it can become very easy to get distracted on that road to salvation.

But, as a man I am hear to tell you today that, prayer changed things. In all possibilities. A small token of appreciation to the Heavenly Father in the form of a prayer can have a great influence on your life. Just remember these key things:

- Always repent for your sins
- Always give thanks for your life and blessings
- Never forget to pray for others and their protection
- Never forget those you care about as well
- Once again be thankful for your blessings
- Pray in faith with your works to achieve
- Always give the Heavenly Father the highest praise, HALLELUYAH

Stick with those guidelines, pray everyday when you awake and before you sleep, throughout the day is always a plus, remember salvation is the only free service to life on Earth. Never let what goes on in this world distract you from acknowledging the Heavenly Father.

God Bless you All,


Until Next Time.

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