In A World Dynamic

Being an IT individual, its kind of a must that you stay on top of your game and when I say that I mean keeping current with technology and its constant changes. No year is the same.

So with that in mind I took it upon myself to teach myself a piece of technology that I constantly seem to run into and that's SQL.

Its something that's very complex to learn well from my standpoint. But I'm going to do the best I can to learn it, because having that under my belt will help my resume look pretty nice.

I am using w3schools.org for my studies, since I refuse to go back to school. Lectures make me sleepy and that'll be a waste of money, on top of that I don't need to be taking out any new loans, I have a kid now.

But this is life and I got to stay on the up and up.

Until next time.

Cashanova J

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