Team Viewer

The Cycle Continues

I recently got a whiff from transfers of knowledge about this product called Team Viewer and I decided to check it out for myself, you know, give it personal approval or disapproval.

I have used Logmein.com before and I still do and I Like it, however, what this product allows you to do is similar to logmein.com. But, the Android access is Free as well and until you have remotely logged into a computer through the use of a phone, then you have yet to be amazed.

Just watching the mouse move at the touch of my finger on my phone was incredible, and it just reassures me that technology continues to find a way to advance itself. Keeping up with the changes as I stated before is always going to be a challenge.

I mean its hard to say jobs are scarce when there is always something new popping up. They need to rephrase it that manual labor is getting more and more scarce, due to technology leaps.

But I would recommend this to anyone who uses remote accessibility for whatever the reason maybe, especially when you need to help someone with their computer and their internet connection is still sufficient. Saves you some gas. Also, for a little tip you would need their interaction for the ID and password , they would need to provide to you and its greenlight from there.

But check it out, Until next time, be Blessed.

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