2011 VMAs

Last night the MTV 2011 VMAs came on and there was a lot of memorable moments. If you want to put things in that perspective.

In my opinionated overview here are a few things that stood out to me:
- Lady Gaga is on something
- Kevin Hart is hillarious
- Britany Spears is not incomperable
- Jay-Z and Kanye's performance could've been better
- Chris Brown did his thing and had a great performance
- Nicki Minaj Character is tacky
- Who was the lady singing all those songs from stage?
- Sometimes things they have people do/say is tacky
- Lil' Wayne had a decent performance
- But Beyonce had the biggest moment by assuring everyone that she was pregnant after her classy performance

You may think different well create your own blog entry and say so otherwise. Other than what I said. That's a brief recap of things I can remember from last night's VMAs.

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