A Breath of Fresh Air

Well this past week I was on vacation and spent it in Alabama with my wife's Father side of the family. The drive was long, the country life is very different in many ways, and the hospitality was superb.

Sometimes you never appreciate living in the city until you visit somewhere, where something as simple as going to the grocery store is about a 10 min drive (at about 65 to 70 mph) away. Nothing is close. The land area you would own if you are fortunate enough is more than a little bit. Not even living in a suburb area comes close to the land area. It might be a slower way of living but its worth it. They grow their own fruits and vegetables, which in now-a-days time is a big plus.

Once again there's nothing like it and I really enjoyed myself. Might shoot for a crib in the country one day, who knows.

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