Cost of Living

What Does It Take?

Living in America in today's ages has become one thing. Expensive. Its hard to manage the cost of living off of the readily available jobs that are obtainable. Even more so the way the economy is running it's getting hard to do just about anything.

Most people don't have a hefty down payment to get them a house, so they rent, and the prices to rent an apartment in certain areas are ridicously high. If you tried to relocate you would have to find another job which would be a tough task. Especially if you're trying to find a job similar to what you just had. Getting paid somewhere in the same salary range. So that idea is out the window.

Then you have your bare necessities, such as lights, water, gas, and food. There are the 4 most common items people depend on to get by. Then don't forget the expenses for kids (those who have them) and any other expected emergencies, as well as student loan repayments (for those people who opted going to school for a better life).

Which going to college will be another topic for another day. But other than that. This economy, the cost of living, the job market, gas prices, rent prices, and just about anything else that's too overpriced sucks.

Heavenly Father help us all.

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