Hurricane Panic

Why Panic?

During the year 2005, when we had Katrina, Rita, & Wilma, I was so into the temperatures of the waters and watching the news to see if another storm was going to brew somewhere. 2006 I watched it somewhat and we had a tropical storm.

But after that year I pretty much stopped watching the news. I was too busy trying to get other things accomplished and the months were coming and going the next thing you it was winter again. Hurricane seasons came and went with hardly no storms and the news would always predict a large amount and would be WRONG.

So it seems like when you just live life and stop putting energy into negative things then negative things won't happen. Some people watch the news and if we are to have a storm then we would know.

This year Hurricane Irene was projected to make some landfall in Florida. What did people do? They panic and bought all the water off the shelves. What did I do when I heard news of an impendind hurricane. I rebuked the thought of it, and I prayed to the Heavenly Father and mention that right now we don't need any hurricanes.

Its Thursday, the projected date and it has been said that the hurricane is not headed this way. So all it takes is a little prayer and faith that your prayers will be answered.

Stop watching the news some much giving energy to negative aspects of life. Live life and have fun. Next thing you know a few pay periods would run by and it will be winter again.

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