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On Common Money

I tend to be an observative person and I always notice one thing about people with money . . . Organization.

It just seems like people with a lot of money have everything scheduled out. Their things are always neat and everything they use goes in a certain spot when not in use. They hold on to older items that still work. I guess you can say that they don't spend unnecessary money as well. They seem to keep their appearance clean and very well groomed. They conduct themselves as if they are royalty.

Live like royalty, then I guess you make royalty money.

I know some of you maybe comparing yourselves to see what can you adjust in your life to get that feel for prosperity. Here are some key pointers I threw together:

1. Stay Clean - Cleanliness is nnext to Godliness.
2. Stay Punctual - Nothing feels better than being on time.
3. Get Sleep - A good night's rest can take you a long way.
4. Organize Yourself - Organization pushes you farther in life
5. Stress Less - I know they say more money more problems, but, less stress makes a longer life and if you follow these 4 previous guidelines then you wouldn't have much stress.
6. Smile - You are doing well what is there to be grumpy about.
7. Save - You don't need everything the world has to offer, remember to govern your wealth wisely. Spend some, Save More. Takes you a long way.

Until Next Time
God Bless

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