Now or Never

What does it mean to dream? To wildly imaginate something happening for you. I'm pretty sure that 98% of the time, it is something good, something extraordinary, something that will bring you to a big smile.

What's the time frame for an obtainable dream to come true? Depends on how much time you put into it. The very essense of life, all relies on time. People too often take time for granted. As if the next day is always guaranteed. When in reality, the future is not always guaranteed, so whose to say how much time left someone has. You never know.

Now or never? A statement too deep to be a question, because its not worthy to be asked but more demanded. You have now to make a dream come true or deal with the harsh reality of it never happening. That is life for some people.

Do you dream? If so, how much time are you utilizing to make it reality. Remember time waits on no one. Make a decision, make the right decision, make it count. Just do it, don't dream.

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