Good Day World

So I turned on my PC this morning, yes, I am not a Mac guy, and went to google only to see it blocked by a big black censoring like bar. So, I'm thinking to myself what is this about and I see the link below talking about stopping congress from censoring the internet.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached the times we see in the movies. The internet will no longer be a point of leisure, but a tool for the government to monitor each and everyone of you. It is their weapon now. Petitions and protests isn't going to help at all. We arrived at this point due to piracy and constant attacks from Hackers.

It was fun while it lasted, having the freedom to say what we like on the net and do as we please but the cyber police have been given their badges and we have no choice but to soon play by their rules.

Eh . . . Oh well.

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