The Little Things


Sometimes I try to remind myself, that life isn't always about how much you gain by living, but what you appreciate that you have, while you're alive. Often too many times we hear that life is short. Yeah that maybe true for those who go "too soon", but whose to say that timing isn't right. That the purpose for living has not been fulfilled? Scary thoughts, the visuals in our brain we often stray away from, and moments we never want to see happen. The Truth.

The unappreciative individual takes advantage of the things one can do by not doing them when they should but rather being lazy enough to say it can be done later. Putting things off for tomorrow that can be completed now. The future is the gift when we reach the moment of expectance, which is why they call it the present. Often made to seem by almost everyone that it will always be there.

It's majority the little things in life people don't appreciate. Like being able to walk, talk, hear, see, taste, touch, feel, smell, smile, laugh, love, etc. . .

I am fortunate enough to live in a country where I can do almost anything I please as long as its morally appropriate. Government was created to balance order, when people get out of order, but never to malinfluence life. I am always learning something new about life. I have always appreciated much, and taken things for granted. My daughter makes me want to appreciate living that much more. Yeah she's a handful. But nothing makes me more proud to be a father than to see her enjoy life and learning to live.

This is the cycle we live in. Have kids and do everything to give them a better life and watch them grow up and have kids of their own.

The Little Things I will always be thankful for, are the little things that keeps me on my grind.

Until Next Time. God Bless and Take Care.

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