Back to Work

Well, that time has come. I was off for a week and now that week has passed and it is time for me to return to work.

Am I excited? Can't say that I really am. I enjoy being home with my fam and getting paid for it. Running errands together, enjoying family time at the movies, and even the 2 days I spent taking care of my wife and daughter when they both we're sick is something I will always cherish. Moments like those keep a man sane, in an odd sort of sense.

But its back to work I go. Back to trying to figure out why countless number of things don't work as well as why a countless number of things work the way it shouldn't. But this is life, right?

Back to fighting to keep some kind of income flowing in, so these bills will get paid. Until the good Lord blesses me with an alternative solution.

Once again. I'll miss it all. I love my family. This was the best vacation I ever had.

Until next time. GOD Bless and Take Care.

- Stew

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