Appearance is Everything

This weekend I went to a wedding reception. On my way there, there was this man handing out business cards. He proceeded to go to my wife's window, but I signaled for him to bring it to mine.

When he handed me the business card, him comment was, "You look like you suppose to be in a Bently or some shit."

Now it was funny because of the way he sounded. But I thought to myself, well maybe he is right. A lot of times I tell myself I can achieve more and that's what I need to work on doing.

Being dressed up nice is always a plus. But when you have the right appearance, which grabs anothers attention in a positive view, then that's what separates people, from being just a person to someone that introduces a high caliber life.

Well that was my update for today.

Until next time GOD Bless

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