Road to Fame - Day 1

Hello World . . .

Today is August 1st and will be the day I officially start my own personal project called "Road to Fame". The purpose of this project is to obviously end up becoming a famous person. But first, let me introduce the reason why.

You see I'm sitting here at work at this very moment and I am thinking to myself, how can I reinvent me? I mean I have this blog I barely write in. Mainly because I get no readers. I have a twitter and don't really know anybody on it. I have a tumblr with no followers. The only that's somewhat live is my facebook page. Other that I work, forfill my family role as a Husband and Dad, and pay bills. I rap every now and then for the heck of it. Kinda of like my off time hobby. But that's me.

Well today I want to reinvent myself as myself not changing identities or anything like that, just going to work on this project and see where it can get me.

I will record my everyday progress on here and see what unfolds from my optimistic imagination to reality.

This is only Day 1 and today I will attempt to record and post a new song on soundcloud. I will make an attempt to do a song a day for 30 days. No garbage either. Music must have substance.

So stay tuned reader I never met or know, or if you are reading this a few months after I made my debut to the big leagues, yeah stay tuned.

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. With only God to back me. When I make it all thanks will be to God for the chance to capitalize and make the best of it.

Tomorrow you should hear my newest creation.

Take Care God Bless.

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