Road to Happiness

Well. . .
After reading the 2 previous "Road" posts from the previous 2 years, I feel it's only right that I write about how I feel right now.

I wrote about achieving fame (still awaiting), finding an inner peace (this began when I learned to let go), now in my most JoeStew like voice ever "a nigga just wanna be happy".

So what's my current situation now?

I am preparing for a divorce from my daughter's mother and I am currently in a refreshing relationship with the most beautiful Francine.

I met Francine on a party boat I decided to go on with some of my coworkers on April 19th-20th. The party started on the 19th but I didn't get around to speaking to her until like 2 to 3 am on the 20th.

That was a long day because prior to going on the boat I spent most of my day trying to find the camouflage pants I wanted. So I settled for a pair I actually liked.

Also my daughter's mother decided to give me a hard time that day just for the simple fact I was going out. Just for a small informational reference, the last time I went out to enjoy myself was back in October of 2012, so I was very happy to get to go out again.

After dancing together, talking for a bit, and taking a hand full of pictures, me and Francine exchanged numbers. The next day we went on a date to Chilis and brought our kids to meet. I can vividly remember not wanting that night to end as we stood outside talking for a countless number of hours. Being around her felt comfortable.

Well spoke sparingly afterwards and then picked up once again 2 1/2 months later as if we never slowed down. This time around things between us got much more serious.

Still going serious to this day, I am looking forward to making the most out of what we have together. So every decision I make with her isn't going to be a what if oriented decision, I am looking to make concrete choices.
She inspired me to get back to my music because she admires my craft so much and I appreciate her influence on jumpstarting that hobby again for me. We communicate about a lot of different subjects, we have a lot of similarities although we are different in the ways we balance each other out, we pray together, and no matter what goals we have independent of each other we always push each other to making a better decision.

I can't really find anything about her that I need to complain about. I just want us to continue to be happy with each other.

When I least expected to end up in another situation is when it happened and it happened with someone who has the biggest intention on being in love with me being myself.

I Love Francine dearly and I pray the God pours out more blessings on the union we've started together.

The main idea of the feeling is "a nigga just wanna be happy"

This is my Road to Happiness.

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