The View

I stare at you in deep thought
Thoughts of the future
Thoughts of the past
Thoughts of today
You're very beautiful and
I enjoy every moment staring
I can't imagine not being with you
From the moment I met you
Something inside me wanted you
To be with you
To hold you
To spend my life with you
To stare at you when we're alone
Knowing that I love you
Knowing that no matter what we go through
No matter what decisions we make
No matter what disputes we have
I'll love you
I stand in front of you and I stare at you
I stare at you in deep admiration
Admiring your beauty
Admiring your stance and figure
Admiring your smile
Loving the way you walk with every step
Loving your accent when you talk
I lay beside you and I watch you
I watch you as you watch tv
I watch you use the laptop
I watch you read
I watch you use your phone
I watch you laugh at the things that entertain you
Every moment of observing you
I always wonder what brought us together
I refrain to wonder what will the future be
I tell myself repeatedly to enjoy the moment
To accept the gift
To appreciate the view
The View of loving you.

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