Last Day Being Broke

So I'm sitting here staring at my phone and just thinking about the events of my life... Decided to write a blog post and wanted to clear my mind. But got to the app and thought to myself hmmmm what should I write about....

I'm winning some money tonight. From the lottery to be exact. I'm going to faithfully choose 6 numbers where only 1 number will relate to me. All other 5 numbers will just be the numbers that stand out to be chosen.

No more being broke, no more living from check to check and paying bills as I can. No more getting phone calls. No more stretching the last few dollars. I'm a buy my mom a house to move in and make sure she don't have to worry about paying a penny for a roof over her head again. Same thing for my dad.

I'm a take care of my household and my siblings and put an end to all these days of barely getting by.

I have that small circle that will benefit.

Then I'll buy myself a nice car. And work on investments for the rest of the fortune.

July 25th 2015.

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