Road to Redemption

Well... back again and after re reading the previous road posts. I'm here with another status update.

First things is that finally my divorce is in progress. Just have some kinks to iron out and hopefully God willing everything will go ok.

Its funny how life throws combos at you and have you staring at nothing but a hill climb once you hit the bed rock.

I'm not afraid nor will I ever back down from a challenge. I'm just stuck at the moment looking for an extra source to help me combat these life woes.

I went from becoming a new father, to getting married, to an ugly separation with an impending divorce which took forever, to finding someone knew, to being in love again, to trying to make sure that this relationship doesn't fall apart as well.

Life got as hard as it can get right now. But I know it's going to bounce back better than it ever was I'm just waiting for the opportunity.

I'm not perfect but I'm trying my hardest to make the right choices. I trust God 100 percent on this and I just want to make things better from all angles.

I admit that alot of the issues stemmed from my overreacting to the problems being addressed and I just need to correct everything from my end alone.

Welcome people to the fourth installment in my ordeal... my Road to Redemption.

I have to do something for myself.

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